Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why Russians and Chinese Are Supporting secular Syria?

Why Russians and Chinese Are Supporting secular Syria?

 Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus and his contemporaries in Nazareth, is a dialect arising from ancient Hebrew and Greek. So, the Bible written in Aramaic, that is, Syriac, is mor...e authentic than the Greek and Latin Bible. Current Eastern Orthodox Churches, both Russian and Greek, have a closer affinity to ancient Syriac Church. Aramaic speaking Christians, once they were outlawed and persecuted by Roman Christians, dispered from Syria into Asia and India (Thomas Christians). Syrian Nestorian Christians were welcomed in China, Korea and Japan.. long before Spanish and Portugese Christians came to Asia with their ships and guns.

Aramaic is still being spoken in isolated areas in Syria. But their fate is very precarious because most of them are regarded as "infidels" who are to be converted to Islam, or forced to pay special tax, or just exterminated.

France is a Roman Catholic nation. Maybe one reason why they want to bomb Syria in support of Jihadists is to eradicate any trace of ancient Syriac Church and clean out
those who still speak the language which Jesus spoke. What would the US State Department say to that? Or are you just happy playing a fool's errand?

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