Monday, September 30, 2013

A Child And Her Doll

A Child And Her Doll
a child had done everything a girl had to do
and put her baby doll to sleep

now who is going to watch over her...
as her baby doll sleeps?


  From The Evening Till The Dawn - cello and piano

painting by Eugenie Lee

Serenade Of Dead Soldiers

Serenade Of Dead Soldiers
- Suchoon Mo -
why are you still killing each other?
dead soldiers ask
in the hoarse voice of winter wind
in the teary voice of summer rain

Bimok -A Wooden Grave Marker
Yeong-Ok Shin, soprano

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Kubla Khan and Phgaspa Scripts

Kubla Khan and Phgaspa Scripts
The ninfluence of Nestorian Christianity in Far Eastern culture.
Kubla Khan's wife (Queen of Yuan Dynasty of China) was a Nestorian Christian. Contrary to what is being taught in schools, Kubla Khan was a man of enlightenment (sorry about Kamikaze). He commissioned a Tiobetan Buddhist Lama to create standardized scripts for the entire Yuan (Mongol) empire. These scripts are known as "phagsa" scripts. These appear to be based on old Aramaic scripts, as were Sanskrit scripts adopted Emperor Kanushka of Kushan Empire (Pakistan and Afghanistan). Korean "Hangul are basically a modification and simplification of phagspa scripts Yuan Dynasty. Modern Tibetan and Mongolian scripts are phagspa scripts. Kubla Khan was, as with modern Tibetans and Mongolians, a Buddhist. As such, he was quite tolerant of other religions.

Himmler dispatched German scholars to Tibet to investigate the origin of Aryan Race. But he was not well guided or en...lightened by Buddhist scholars for more or less obvious reasons.

King Sejong the Great wanted newly created Hangul scripts to represent both Korean and China language. Original version, as with Phagspa of Yuan Dybasty, as scirpts for "f" and "v." Korean language has neither of them. However, Chinese never liked the idea of writing in scripts created by a Tibetan and adopted by Mongols. Chinese, to their misfortune, kept up with cumbersome Mandarin idiograms. Elite Confucian literati felt theatened by the writing tool which can be learned and mastered easily by the mass. So, then Chinese kicked out Mongols, out went the precious tool of mass education and enlightenment, bringing about dark age of stagnation and paralysis. There was a time when some Korean and Chinese radicals tried to bring Esperanto into mass culture. But it didn't go far. It was just a revised Portuguese created by a Polish Ideologue. Another colonial domination masquarading as enlightenment and liberal reform.

Korean Scripts And ASramaic Scripts

Korean Scripts And ASramaic Scripts
The importance of Aramaic scripts has been down-p0layed for reasons I can only speculate. Brahmi, Sanskit, Mongolian, Tibetan scripts are based on Aramaic scripts.
Korean scripts were created by Sejong the Great, the 4th king of Choseon D...yn asty of Korea in 15th Century. He organized a committee of scholars who were dispatched to Central Asia to investigaste different written forms of scripts. The committee submitted their findings and recommendation which the king accepted. These scripts are known as "Hangul" and are used by both North Korea and South Korea. The scripts are readily translatable into the digital codes, enabling Samsung to literally run over Apple. I learned the historical origin of Hangul by a scholar he spent his entire life traveling and studying monuments, stone edicts, and asrtifacts of Northern Asia. Recently, Professor Ledgard of Columbia University came up with a similar discovery.

Why Russians and Chinese Are Supporting secular Syria?

Why Russians and Chinese Are Supporting secular Syria?

 Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus and his contemporaries in Nazareth, is a dialect arising from ancient Hebrew and Greek. So, the Bible written in Aramaic, that is, Syriac, is mor...e authentic than the Greek and Latin Bible. Current Eastern Orthodox Churches, both Russian and Greek, have a closer affinity to ancient Syriac Church. Aramaic speaking Christians, once they were outlawed and persecuted by Roman Christians, dispered from Syria into Asia and India (Thomas Christians). Syrian Nestorian Christians were welcomed in China, Korea and Japan.. long before Spanish and Portugese Christians came to Asia with their ships and guns.

Aramaic is still being spoken in isolated areas in Syria. But their fate is very precarious because most of them are regarded as "infidels" who are to be converted to Islam, or forced to pay special tax, or just exterminated.

France is a Roman Catholic nation. Maybe one reason why they want to bomb Syria in support of Jihadists is to eradicate any trace of ancient Syriac Church and clean out
those who still speak the language which Jesus spoke. What would the US State Department say to that? Or are you just happy playing a fool's errand?

Saturday, September 28, 2013

  1. Dirge Of A Soldier

    in the abandoned battle field
    a lone soldier lies still
    covered by buzzing flies
    he sings his own dirge
    in silence




Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

Making friend is cheaper than killing the enemy. The small caliber bullet expenditure per one enemy soldier killed:

World War II    25,000 rounds
Korean War    100,000 rounds
Vietnam War  200,000 rounds...

The cost of stndard 5.56 mm ball ammunition for assault rifle was 45 cents per round in 2009. So it would have costed, at least, $90,000 to kill one Vietcong or a NVA soldier. We could have just given each Vietcong $90,000 and told them to go home and get drunk, or ride a buffalo, or a horse, or a girl friend, or just go fuck himself. Then the war would have ended right then and right there and right on the money.

Now, how much is it costing the US to kill one Taliban fighter in Afghanistan? A conservative estimate: $50,000,000. What would happen if the US is to give $5,000,000 to each Taliban fighter and tell him to go home and rise a horse, or a camel, a motor scooter,  or 12 wives, or just go fuck himself?

Once Deng Shao Ping, that clever little man,  of China was asked what would be the best way to defeat Russia once and if a war breaks out. He said that the best tactic is for the entire Chinese People's Liberation Army, millions of soldiers altogether, to surrender to the Russians en mass. This will totally wreck and ruin and annahilate Russia militarily, politically,economically, intellectually, emotionally, existentially and so forth.    Likewise, the best tactic for the North Korean Army to defeat South Korean Army is to surrender en mass. This will wreck and ruin and annahilate the South Korea once for all. The meek shall inherit the earth.

And ... how about existential moral decay of of rich kids masturbating, and poor kids shooting each other, on the city street?  As the wise Buddha once said, the true vilain is "self:"  existential "self," narcissistic"self," Sartre "self," Kafka "self," Dovtoievsky "self," whatever "self."   So, let them surrender themselves to them-selves.   This will wreck and ruin and annahilate them-selves, along with their-selves, they-selves, what-ever  and who-ever selves.   This is called Nirvana.   Let them become Buddhas on the street.   No more masturbating or shooting guns, on the street.

The poor in spirit shall have the street of Heaven.

Monday, September 23, 2013



in the midst of summer night
in a political convention
you as a keynote speaker
keep shouting

let us dream!

don't be foolish
how am I to dream
while you keep shouting
and keep me awake?

I only dream
when I am sound asleep
so if you want me to dream
shut up

Sunday, September 22, 2013

An Average Man

An Average Man

dear  average man
how are you?
and who are you?

your income is average
you drive an average car
you eat an average lunch
you go to an average church
you live in an average town
your hope is average
your despair is average
you have an average inspiration
you have an average indignation
your joy is average
your boredom is average
you face is average
your happiness is average
your misery is average
your genital is average

yet you claim sincerely
you are more than average
better than average
different from average
you are unique
there is no one but you who are you
your birth was unique
your death will be unique
and you are being unique
being an average man

-Centrifugal Eye, June,2006 -

Saturday, September 21, 2013

East and West

East and West

she goes east
following a star

I go west
followed by the same star

what kind of star is that?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A White Wild Flower

A White Wild Flower

a white flower alone
in the sagebrush desert
you are too beautiful

I shall not touch you
I shall not hold you
you are too beautiful

I have come your way
and I shall be gone my way

On The Winter Beach

On The Winter Beach - iMOVIE

On The Winter Beach

On The Winter Beach

I walk on the winter beach
from here to there
and beyond where the beach ends
past indifferent sea gulls
over beached kelps
over bleached sea shells
to the sound of crushing waves
to the call of ebbing memories
I walk on the winter beach
I shall go
I must go
beyond where the beach ends

- Pirene's Fountain, October 2011, vol 4, issue 10 -

On The Winter Beach
by Suchoon Mo

Mirror Paradox and Subject-Object Reversal

Mirror Paradox and Subject-Object Reversal

Chinese Zen (Chan) Buddhism started with ignorance of "Mirror Paradox." Why is a mirror image laterally reversed? The seer is "I" and the seen is "me." And that "me" is isomorphic to "you." But, when I look into a mirror, am I looking at "me" or "me" is looking at "I"? No, "you" are looking at "me." Existential subject-object reversal.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Driving Towards Auschwitz

Driving Towards Auschwitz

in my dream last night
I lost my driver's license
so I went to the  county office to get one

a smiling clerk greeted me
and issued me a new license
he was Heinrich Himmler

I walked over to the parking lot
got into my car and started driving
towards Auschwitz Concentration Camp

- SuchoonMo,  Bicycle Review, Feb. 2013 -
Welcome To Salt Lake City
by Suchoon Mo

I am going to Salt Lake City
a Mormon city
the cradle of Church of Latter Day Saints

I am flying to Salt Lake City
in a Delta Airlines jet airplane

I hear a young  woman flight attendant speaking
relentlessly too fast for me to make any sense

she sounds like saying

ladies and gentlemen
we are descending
please buckle your seat belt securely
until it falls apart
- Camel Saloon, 2013 -

Syria And Silk Road

Syria And Silk Road
G20 Meeting in St Petersburgh signals the sift of the world geoplitics from Eruope to Central Asia, as proclaimed by President Xi of China in his "Silk Road" speech. This dovetails with President Putin's clear signal that Russia will not tolerate inroad of Political Moslem into Central Asia. The present Syrian crisis is but an early skirmish of the dynamics of Eurasian geopolitics. European Christ...ianity (Roman Empire) cast off Syriac (Nestorian) and Egyptian (Coptic) Christianity. Now they are being hyounded by Moslem Jihadists. But, the old Silk Road is being built. What are the British and the French going to do? It is about time that we study what Ashoka did with Greeks and Syrians, and what Buddha said to the Greek king Menander.See More