Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Political Philosophy Of No Ideology

A Buddhist does not believe in Buddhism. Belief is not a part of daily life of a Buddhist. Truth is a means, not an end, and Dharma is to be discarded once its usefulness is exhausted. What is known as "Miracle of Han River" is not to be attributed to Confucian ethics, Oriental Calvinism or Barrack discipline. It comes straight out of Diamond Sutra: Dharma is not to be understood or made to be understood. That is a rejection of ideology as a core of political philsophy.

Korean Buddhism is the only Buddhism which accepts the internal contradictions and duality of Buddhism itself. As Deng Shao Ping of China said, you do not care if a cat is white or black as long as it catches mice. This is what Dalai Lama has been saying but people don't want to heed his saying. People want to worship him. There is no cure for ignorance.

When you find a man shot with an arrow, don't ask who shot the arrow.   Pull it out, then protect him.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Apple vs Samsung

Apple vs Samsung

 The most recent counterattack against Samsung by Apple was to go to the federal court and let lawyers decide the fight. Now it is bringing in a marketing guru as a CEO. I predict that such move will bring down Apple rather soon.

Samsung has 5,000 Ph.D's in its work force. The number is expected to increase rapidly. South Korea has the highest number of Ph.D's per capita in the world. This resulted from an enormous national investment in education. The majority of the domestic work force of Apple consists of low-wage retail employees. You just can't run a modern industry with a bunch of money changers, gamblers and peddlers. Look what they did to Detroit.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Let Us Dance

"Camel Saloon, Occtober 2013"

Let Us Dance
- White House, Congress and Mass Media -

my dear lady...
let us dance
together you and I
cheek to cheek

I shall dance polka
you may dance tango
or vice versa

the music doesn't matter
nor the dance
musicians are drunk
and so are we
let us just dance

-Danse Macabre -

Dance Of Swallows - Suchoon Mo

Franz von Stuck