Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

Making friend is cheaper than killing the enemy. The small caliber bullet expenditure per one enemy soldier killed:

World War II    25,000 rounds
Korean War    100,000 rounds
Vietnam War  200,000 rounds...

The cost of stndard 5.56 mm ball ammunition for assault rifle was 45 cents per round in 2009. So it would have costed, at least, $90,000 to kill one Vietcong or a NVA soldier. We could have just given each Vietcong $90,000 and told them to go home and get drunk, or ride a buffalo, or a horse, or a girl friend, or just go fuck himself. Then the war would have ended right then and right there and right on the money.

Now, how much is it costing the US to kill one Taliban fighter in Afghanistan? A conservative estimate: $50,000,000. What would happen if the US is to give $5,000,000 to each Taliban fighter and tell him to go home and rise a horse, or a camel, a motor scooter,  or 12 wives, or just go fuck himself?

Once Deng Shao Ping, that clever little man,  of China was asked what would be the best way to defeat Russia once and if a war breaks out. He said that the best tactic is for the entire Chinese People's Liberation Army, millions of soldiers altogether, to surrender to the Russians en mass. This will totally wreck and ruin and annahilate Russia militarily, politically,economically, intellectually, emotionally, existentially and so forth.    Likewise, the best tactic for the North Korean Army to defeat South Korean Army is to surrender en mass. This will wreck and ruin and annahilate the South Korea once for all. The meek shall inherit the earth.

And ... how about existential moral decay of of rich kids masturbating, and poor kids shooting each other, on the city street?  As the wise Buddha once said, the true vilain is "self:"  existential "self," narcissistic"self," Sartre "self," Kafka "self," Dovtoievsky "self," whatever "self."   So, let them surrender themselves to them-selves.   This will wreck and ruin and annahilate them-selves, along with their-selves, they-selves, what-ever  and who-ever selves.   This is called Nirvana.   Let them become Buddhas on the street.   No more masturbating or shooting guns, on the street.

The poor in spirit shall have the street of Heaven.

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