Thursday, August 23, 2012

from "Frog Mantra"

He Went To His Own Funeral

he woke up
brushed his teeth
drank a cup of coffee
and went to the church
it was his own funeral
I never saw him since
they must have buried him

- Frog Mantra, Accents Publishing, 2012 -

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Moral Principle and Political Direction of Olympic Taekwondo

It has been the guiding moral dictum of Olympic Taekwondo that small nations be given fair and just opportunity to compete and win Olympic medals. London Olympics has fulfilled this mission. Great Britain is great in this sense. The sharp contrast to Beijin Olympics is starkly evident. Taekwondo athletes from Gabon, Serbia, Afghanistan, etc. are to be recognized and commended.​article/2012/08/12/​oly-taek-review-idUSL4E8JA8R420​120812

Anthony Obame, Gabon
2012 Olympics Taekwondo Silver Medalist