Sunday, September 29, 2013

Korean Scripts And ASramaic Scripts

Korean Scripts And ASramaic Scripts
The importance of Aramaic scripts has been down-p0layed for reasons I can only speculate. Brahmi, Sanskit, Mongolian, Tibetan scripts are based on Aramaic scripts.
Korean scripts were created by Sejong the Great, the 4th king of Choseon D...yn asty of Korea in 15th Century. He organized a committee of scholars who were dispatched to Central Asia to investigaste different written forms of scripts. The committee submitted their findings and recommendation which the king accepted. These scripts are known as "Hangul" and are used by both North Korea and South Korea. The scripts are readily translatable into the digital codes, enabling Samsung to literally run over Apple. I learned the historical origin of Hangul by a scholar he spent his entire life traveling and studying monuments, stone edicts, and asrtifacts of Northern Asia. Recently, Professor Ledgard of Columbia University came up with a similar discovery.

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