Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In An Abandoned Temple

Violin Sonata in E Minor, from Flute Sonata 5, JS Bach


In An Abandoned Temple

I come here to pray
in an abandoned temple
seekers are long gone

the road stops here

no reason to look back

on a dusty stool

a fly is still and serene
a shaft of sun light

I sit by the fly

just two of us

the end of the long road

why am I holding a gun
aiming at nothing?

I seek no answer

there is no need

no end to turmoil

being awake in silence
stench of the temple

life and death are alike

soul is empty

a grave yard outside

flowers and grass are all dead
so are the tomb stones

here I am to stay

and rest

Taj Mahal Review, volume 5, issue 1, June 2006

NB: One voice speaking in two voices, or vice versa, in Renga format.

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