Monday, July 5, 2010

Human Evolution of Choking on Food

Eating and Talking

Human evolution of language brought about the unwelcome consequence of choking on food while talking and eating at the same time. The primary function of mouth used to be that of eating. Now its primary function appears to be that of talking, to others or to one's self. So, eating and talking have become mutually antagonistic. Just imagine a performance poet reciting and eating fried chicken at the same time. Or, more metaphorically, reciting, gesturing, making face and eating Louisiana shrimp contaminated by BP oil spill, at the same time.

Her Lips

she has pretty lips

rosy and soft

she doesn't use them

primarily to kiss
me or anybody else
or to whistle
at a passing man

she uses them

primarily to nibble
a chicken leg
while talking
at the same time

-Spillway Review, July 2005-

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