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On Self

On Self

On Reversal of Temporality of Human Cognition and Dialectical Self

Suchoon S. Mo, University of Southern Colorado
The Journal of Mind and Behavior , Winter 1990, Vol. 11, No. 1, Pages 37-46 ISSN 0271-0137

In terms of temporality of logic, the relation between "before" and "after" is an inverse relation, as is the relation between intension and extension. Reversal of temporality of human cognition is accompanied by corresponding reversal between intension and extension. Such reversal is based on lateral reversal of brain hemisphere locus of time information. A similar inverse relation exists between self as subject and self as object. Extreme objectification of self is associated with brain hemisphere lateral reversal of time information, indicating that subject-object reversal is similar in nature to reversal of temporality of cognition. Dialectical nature of self is based on contradiction between self as subject and self as object. Synthesis arising from such contradiction may be regarded as reality of self.
Requests for reprints should be sent to Suchoon S. Mo, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, University of Southern Colorado, Pueblo, Colorado 81001.

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