Sunday, May 23, 2010

Going Home

Going Home
Homage to Santoka

I danced with a girl
she had three legs and danced well
I was quite drunk then

when she goes to church
with the red shoes upon her head
a miracle will happen

she undresses
like an onion peeling itself
I have tears in my eyes

earth worms underground
are you happy there?

I spread my arms
she spreads her legs
martial art

saint valentine's day
two sparrows are not mating

my mind is empty
my bladder is full

oh I am sorry
you were playing a tuba
I didn't know

I can't eat bacon
the soprano is screaming
like a dying pig

so many lights on the street
I lost my shadow

the undertaker
he dumped the deceased in the pit
took the casket home

a frog came to the door
it was a jehovah's witness

in a dense fog
I drove past an abandoned house
it was my home

- Journal Of Truth And Consequence -

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