Saturday, April 10, 2010

Destiny And Destination


I have no inspiration
it has expired

I used to have a theory
about something
or something else
it drifted away

I have no need of enlightenment
or awakening
or nirvana

wisdom is a fraud
once spoken or understood
or practiced


a stray dog
or a stray woman
or a stray shadow
may follow me
my destiny
has no destination
my destination
has no destiny


time is not what
time is when
now is now
now is just now
one day passes one day per day
one second passes one second per second
one day is just one day
one second is just one second
time is not speed limit


I am here and now
that does make no difference
I am not here and not now
that does make no sense
ultimate truth is not true

tomorrow and yesterday
they may dance together
until today is gone
or will never come


I am indifferent
to comedy or tragedy
life is neither a drama nor an opera
I have no need of stage


I am real

- Dissident Editions -

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