On Food Taboo and Food  Fad

 Now even the US federal government got on the band wagon of food fad and food taboo. Kosher! In South Korea, life expectancy doubled in two generations. To the dismay of the government bean counters, Koreans live too long, eating up ever greater proportion of national budget. How about veterans? During the war, many 2nd Lieutenants had the life expectancy of less than one hour in the war. Now veterans, thanks to absence of shooting war, seem to live forever, collecting all kinds of benefit. Why don't they just drop dead ast age 60? In a way they do. The suicide rate among the older people are escalerating, and it is difficult to say whether the government is sad or happy about it.

One symptom of this tragi-comedy is emergence of food taboo and food fad. Don't eat beef, eat mutton. Don't eat mutton, eat dog. Don't eat dog, eat snake. Don';t eat snake, eat fish. Don't eat fish, eat egg. Don't ...eat egg, eat grass.

Both Russian and American scientists, following the direction which Pavlov pioneered, know quite a lot about "Interoceptive Conditioning." American scientists prefer the word "acquired taste aversion." A rat drink milk before it is injected with malaria toxin. The rat gets sick. After the recovery the rat refuses to drink milk. A similar thing happens to cancer patient when they go through chemotherapy. Eat ice cream then get a chemotherpay. He gets sick. After the recovery, the ice cream taste horrible. It is usually one-trialo phenomenon. Very few studies have been don using stress instead of sickness in interoceptive conditioning, although we know that food taboo is not only tied to illness and pain but also to street. We have what is known as "General Adaption Syndrome" discovered by Hans Seyle, an endocrinologist.
Our culture, under the banner of Darwinian evolution, glorify adaptation as something good and even holy. A man struggles through all kinds of strees and finally become rich, have a sex with a beautiful princess, and rides into the paradise.

I think the whole thing is social maddness and just a bull shit. Lenin said, man lives to eat. Others say, man lives to eat. Why did people came to America from Siberia? Did they eat so they can come to America? Or did they come to America to eat? The answer is obvious: they came to eat. Now we know there were two kinds of people who came to America: eat eaters and fish (and seal) eaters. Meat eaters came through ice-free corridor. Fish eaters came alongside coastal area.

So, please do not eat for the reason of health. I don't live to eat. I eat to live.